The teacher and little Johnny

The teacher and little Johnny

As part of a class language test a teacher asked her primary school class to use the word fascinate in a sentence.

Sarah put her hand up and said “over the weekend we visited my grandfather on his farm, I was fascinated by all the animals he had” 

The teacher replied “That was very good Sarah unfortunately i said ‘fascinate’ not ‘fascinated’ but I like the effort”.

Michelle put her hand up and said “i went to a airport viewing area with my dad, and it was so fascinating seeing all the planes land and take off” 

The teacher, still not pleased, replied “another good effort Michelle but I asked for fascinate not fascinating”

Then little Johnny stretched his hand up as high as he could but yet the teacher still asked for another students to attempt it. With no other students willing to try she said “go ahead little Johnny” 

In which little Johnny said “my aunt Jessica came round to our house for the week end and she has ten buttons on her top but because she so fat she can only fasten eight” 

This is not my joke it was told to me by my step dad

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