Unconditional Love Quotes

Love is a beautiful feeling. Love will give you the strength of a mountain which is unmoved by anything else. Loving someone and being loved by someone unconditionally is something heavenly beautiful. As difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. In love, there will be a  lot of chaos which will show you the hardest times … Read more

when you love someone

When You Love Someone Quotes

Love has different emotions in it. Love can make you fly like a butterfly without any fear. Love can break you like there is nothing left in your further life. Love can make you that strong to face any storm. But, true love’s best and worst thing is it cannot be expressed in words.  When … Read more

sad quotes about love and pain

Sad Quotes About Love And Pain

Life is something that will give you the best happenings along with the worst mischief. If you want to understand life, I must say that is hard though! Just take it as it comes to you, things will become easier for you. Everyone out there wants one thing for sure in their life, that is … Read more