Little Johnny had a bad day.

Little Johnny had a bad day.

He stomped home from school to the family farm. Being an annoying little kid, he saw the farm animals and decided to take out a little frustration on them, so he yelled at the pig, chased the chickens around, and kicked in a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Finally, he made it to the house. His mom was waiting and furious.

“Johnny, I saw you just did and you’re in big trouble! For abusing the poor pig and chickens, you don’t get sausage or wings tonight. And no pumpkin pie, either!”

Just then, the two of them saw Johnny’s dad came back from a day in the fields. He walked to the porch, where the cat is sleeping peacefully in the sun. He irritably kicked the cat out of the way to make it to the door. Johnny turns to his mom with a big grin and says,

“Shall you tell him, or shall I?”

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