Lesson in Marriage

Lesson in Marriage

A son goes to tell his father that he is going to marry his girlfriend. 


Son: “Hey dad, I decided I’m going to marrying Jessica”


Dad: “Oh wow that’s great son, but first you have to say you’re sorry”


The son is confused by this


Son: “Wait why do you need me to say that dad?”


Dad: “Just say it, it’s not going to hurt you”


Son: “No, not until you tell me why I have to say sorry”


Dad: “It’s just a simple sentence, just tell me that you are sorry”


Son: “Dad, just tell me why and I’ll decided whether or not to apologize!”


Dad: “Cmon just say it already!”


Son: “Ok, ok I’m sorry! Are you happy now!”


Dad: “Good, if you are going to get married you need to be able to apologize for no reason at all”


(Sorry if this is not funny or has bad formatting. It’s my first time posting)

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