About Me…

Smaller the place of birth, better a person rooted is and is best at exploring the new world!

Born in a small town with real big thoughts in mind, I decided to venture out into the real world. While my friends were busy fighting with permutation and combinations of various subjects, I decided to be the one who is different. Yes, academics are important, but there is a lot more than life has to offer.

It is not easy to take up a tangent when you are still a teenager. Being an individual observe the things around, you will yourself realize that you had no greed when you were young. As you grew height wise, so did your desires. This webpage is totally dedicated to make you realize what you already have with you. Dale Carnegie rightly said- we are so busy in trying to achieve what lies at a distance and ignore what we have with us right now.

Spending some time on this page will not only give you a little bit of entertainment but some gratified quality time and contentment too. Anxiety, stress, frustration etc are some of the topics that are touched at my Jokes Website pages. You are most welcome to submit your negative energy and take away all the positive energy we have for you.

Stay happy and stay blessed.

Mr. Kaku