A teenage boy has a hot date

A teenage boy has a hot date for the night

but there is a problem; the kid’s father claims that he has slept with almost every girl in the town they live in and the boy doesn’t want to date someone that has slept with his father. 

So, the boy confronts his dad and asks if he has slept with his hot date.

“Sure, tell me her name and I’ll let you know if I’ve slept with her.”

“Her name is Sally Jenson, she lives down the street.”

The boy’s father rubs his chin for a few seconds in contemplation, “hmmm no, I’m sorry, son, I don’t remember if i have slept with her. But if you bring me a strand of her hair I’m sure I’ll be able to remember.”

The boy looks at his father in confusion but says he’ll get a piece of her hair while on the date that night. 

After the date, the boy returns home with the piece of Sally’s hair and gives it to his father.

The father takes the hair and smells it “ohhhh yesss sweet Sally Jenson..yes..I’m sorry son, I slept with this girl about a month ago.”

The boy is somewhat disappointed but not really surprised. “Well, how about Jessica Watson? Another girl I go to school with that I would like to date”

The father thinks about the name for a few seconds and again says that he doesn’t remember her by name but suggests that his son bring him a locket of her hair. The boy obliges and comes home the next day after school with a piece of Jessica’s hair.

The father quickly takes it and smells it, “Yeah! oh yeah! I remember this one! Beautiful Jessica, boy, was she great in the sack!”

The boy is somewhat confused, “but dad, Jessica just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago”

The father agrees, “yes, I’m sorry son, I slept with this young woman last week.”

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At this point the boy is more than a little skeptical of his father’s stories and decides to go in the bathroom and pull out one of his ass hairs to give to his father in an attempt to trick him into telling a lie.

The boy gives his father the ass hair and his father smells it meanwhile having quite the perplexed look on his face “hmmmm, this is strange.” his father smells the hair one more time ” I’ve got good news son! I didn’t sleep with this one, I slept with the mother!”

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