A husband and wife are out

A husband and wife are out to dinner

When all of sudden a very attractive young lady comes up and kisses the husband on the cheek, winks, and walks away. 

Naturally, the wife is less than pleased about this

“Who was that?” She asks

“That’s Jessica, my mistress” he replies

As you can imagine, the wife is not happy to hear this, even less so about how upfront he’s being about it.

“You pig”, she says “You don’t even have the decency to try and hide it. I’ll be filling for divorce as soon as I can”

“fine by me if that’s what you want” responds the husband, “just remember that we both signed a prenup, so you’ll be on your own if you do. No more nice cars, big houses or fancy restaurants”

Well as you can imagine the wife is now quite upset. She’s doing her best to look anywhere *except* at her husband, when she notices their neighbors a few tables over, when the same thing happens. A younger woman comes up and kisses the husband right in front of the wife.

She asks her husband “who was that at Rob and Jill’s table?”

He looks over, “Oh, that’s his mistress”


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